Photograph of burger from MidCity← Smashburgers in Bend


I haven’t actually tried MidCity yet, but I’d really like to. I’ve heard they were at Munch & Music a bunch during the 2023 summer, but I didn’t catch it there. I’ve heard they’ve been at the ampitheater, at Boneyard, and other cart pods, but I’ve literally never seen it. There doesn’t seem to be any public information about the plan.

Their website:

Prepared with 80/20 Oregon beef sourced from Painted Hills, our classic Smashy Boi is smashed flat beneath a cast-iron press, resulting in thin and crispy patties. Our burgers are covered in American cheese, and Smash Sauce, and served up on Franz Bakery buns, for an accessible for all $6 price tag.

That’s an inexpensive burger! The Americana truck has an explicit goal of affordability but clocks in at $8 to MidCity’s $6.

In 2021, MidCity was named Portland’s best smash burger by The Oregonian, so let’s hope that quality makes it way to Bend’s cart!