Photograph of burger from Willieburger← Smashburgers in Bend


Willieburger, from Chris and Kahla Collins, is the best smashburger in Bend. Their dedication to perfectly classic smashburgers is unmatched. All they do is singles, doubles, and triples. The thinly sliced onions are smashed right into the patty during cooking. Make it spicy by adding jalapeños done the same way for $1.

No sides except bags of chips. No drinks except a cooler of sodas. No frills. Just burgers.

Frankly the unpredictable hours and location have left me frustrated a few times and I’m a creature that values predictability. Your best bet is consulting Instagram, as they post schedules like this sometimes.

They sell out nearly every time they are open especially at events, so that should tell you something about how good they are.